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Diamond Engagement Ring in San Diego

Diamonds come in different cuts.

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A diamond takes a long time to form in the ground. There are certain temperature and pressure conditions that contribute to the forming of carbon structure as a diamond. Diamonds are 99.5% made of carbon. When a diamond is formed in the ground, any other substances that are in the ground when it is formed and are included inside the diamond are called inclusions.

Diamond engagement rings in San Diego are graded based on their color, clarity, cut and carat weight.

When we talk about inclusions we are referring to clarity characteristics. The clearer a diamond is, the better it would reflect light, so the less inclusions there are, the better the clarity grade of the diamond.

Diamond clarity is graded per a scale that you can see below:

IF = Internally flawless. This means the diamond has no inclusions.

VVS – Very very slight inclusions. These are great grades for a diamond (VVS1 and VVS2).

VS – Very slight inclusions – This means there are more inclusions than VVS grade but is still a very good grade for a diamond. (VS1 and VS2).

SI – Slightly Included – At this grade the diamonds have more inclusions. There are three grades of SI1, SI2 and SI3. SI3 is an included stone (has lots of inclusions).

I – An I grade means the diamond is included. These may be visible with the naked eye. I1, I2 and I3 are grades of diamond inclusion for the most included diamonds.

Generally Internally flawless (IF) diamonds are extremely rare (unless they are man made). VVS diamond have more value because of lack of inclusions than VS diamonds and VS diamonds have more value than SI diamonds and SI diamonds have more value  than I diamonds.

The location of the inclusions are also very important. If the diamond is included in the center where it interferes with light reflection of the diamond that is worst than inclusions on the side that don’t interfere as much with the light reflection.

When you are looking for the best place to buy diamond ring in San Diego, you want to make sure you understand the quality of the diamond engagement ring you are buying !

A diamond engagement ring is an investment. Many diamond stores sell I grade stones (Included stones) at high prices and don’t explain to customers anything about the clarity of the diamond.

Many of the largest diamond stores in San Diego do not even put the color and clarity of the diamonds they are selling on their receipts so the customer has no idea what they are paying for.

In buying a diamond engagement ring in San Diego, you should always ask the diamond dealer in San Diego or diamond store in San Diego to put the characteristics of the diamond in writing.

Many diamond stores charge large sums of money for nearly worthless diamonds that if you ever need to resell you will get pennies on the dollar for because the diamonds are low grade diamonds.

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Fast Diamond Education

Diamond Cut

This is simply the shape of your diamond. Diamonds are cut in a dozen or more shapes with the “round” diamond being one of the most popular diamonds. Square cut (also knowns as a princess cut diamond) is another shape, there is heart shape, emerald cut (rectangular), oval, pear, heart shaped and many others.

When buying a diamond you should understand the cuts. A round diamond is more valuable than a princess cut (square) diamond of the same weight. For example, if you have a 1 carat diamond in the round shape and a 1 carat diamond in the square shape, to get a round diamond out of the square you would have to cut the 4 corners which reduces the weight of the diamond to less than 1 carat. Therefore a round diamond is more valuable than a square diamond because cutting a diamond into a round shape requires losing more mass. The round diamond is also more brilliant as it reflects light in all directions.

Diamond Clarity

As discussed above, the clarity of the diamond is dependent on how much other stuff is in the diamond when it forms. If there are less “inclusions” then the diamond is more clear. If there are too many foreign substances inside the diamond, then the clarity is less clear. We also discussed the location of the inclusions makes a difference in the diamond’s shine and reflection of light. If the inclusions are on the side and don’t interfere with reflection of the light too much then the diamond is more valuable.

Diamond Carat Weight

Carats are a measure of measuring the weight of diamonds. 5 carats is equal to 1 gram. So if you have a 5 carat diamond, your diamond should weigh 1 gram.
Jewelry Stores in San Diego that offer diamonds should have a special scale called a “carat scale” to precisely measure what a diamond weighs and reflect that weight in your receipt when you buy a diamond from them.

In cases where are diamond or group of diamonds are set in a ring and will be difficult and expensive to remove and replace back, then a formula is used to measure the weight of the diamonds by formula. A measuring instrument called a Caliper is used to measure the length, width and height of the diamond (as best as possible since sometimes in some settings it is difficult to measure the height of a diamond) and then per a special formula the weight can be estimated. This type of measurement can be off since the measurement may not be accurate if the diamond cannot be fully reached inside the setting to put the caliper around it.

Diamond Color

Diamonds that are colorless are more valuable. Simply put, the “color” measurement measures how much of a yellow or brown tint a diamond has.
For the most part the scale starts from D through Z. A D color diamond is an excellent color diamond (it is colorless) whereas an L color may have a strong hue of yellow or brown and  a Z color is the worst color (bottom of the scale).

When buying diamond in San Diego you should compare different diamonds in natural light before you buy one. You will see some shine much brighter than others and some have a milky color and barely shine (low quality). Once you do this test you will see that there is a huge difference in the spark and shine of your diamond. The color affects the value of the diamond significantly. An F color diamond is much more valuable than an L color diamond. In larger diamonds the difference in value could be in the tens of thousands of dollars for the same size diamond.

Know what color diamond you are getting when buying a Diamond Ring in San Diego. It make a big difference in the price of your investment.